Kill the boss. It gets stronger. You can't win.


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Design-wise, the bullets feel pretty random. Consider making patterns that are deliberately just wide enough for the player's hitbox to fit through. Generally I felt like I had to zoom my vision out and avoid bullet walls as a whole, rather than trying to weave between them (unless that was intended). That also means the full-speed movement was more useful than the "focus" (shift) movement.

Minor points: the music stopped looping after a while. Also, there should be a longer pause after the game ends, because I accidentally pressed a button to restart and couldn't see my score.

Thanks. Will take this into account and look into making more fair dodge-able patterns.


Your game has a really nice feeling!

I love the music and the sound too.

It feels balanced and challenging, however i think the boss should not be allowed to come that close to the player.

Great work, keep it up !